PCI bus IDE controllers — Configuring and using IDE controllers on the PCI bus


Support is included for IDE bus controllers connected via the PCI bus. This includes support for generic PCI IDE controllers as well as Promise 20275 or 20269 IDE controllers.


This support can be enabled with the CYGFUN_HAL_IXP4XX_PCI_IDE_SUPPORT configuration option and is mutually exclusive with support for TrueIDE mode disks connected via a CompactFlash interface.

Use with RedBoot

Enabling this option allows RedBoot to be used to load program images off an IDE disk connected via a PCI IDE controller, for example a Linux kernel from an EXT2 partition of an IDE disk using the "disk" load method.


The file src/ixp_pci_ide.c within this package is used to provide the necessary underlying support.