JTAG support — Usage

Use of JTAG for debugging

JTAG can be used to single-step and debug loaded applications, including RedBoot. Only ROM configuration applications should be debugged using JTAG, RAM applications assume the presence of RedBoot.

OpenOCD notes

OpenOCD support is available for loading and running ROM or SMP startup applications. Single CPU applications can be debugged via OpenOCD but SMP support is not currently available.

An OpenOCD configuration file, openocd.dreamchip_a10.cfg, is available in the misc subdirectory of the platform hal subdirectory. This will be installed as etc/openocd.cfg in the install subdirectory when building the eCos libarary for use by the eCos GUI Configuration Tool or Eclipse when running tests or debugging your application respectively. This openocd configuration file should be used with a recent release of OpenOCD.